At CYCLEDELIK, founder and current shareholder Rachid Bouasria is constantly dealing with micro finance and investments to suit our business strategy and financial goals. The skill applied by our CEO who happens to be a Management Accountant has helped the business grow steadily since 2007 by not only pioneering the mobile bicycle mechanics market but also building a great foundation on which the business can now grow on and become a household name over the generations to come. 


CYCLEDELIK’s vision is to become a multigenerational household name trusted and valued by customers and investment companies in delivering the best integrated and encompassing professional cycle service money can buy.


CYCLEDELIK’s strategy is to make looking after a bicycle, cargo bike or ebike seamless, hassle free and accessible to all. As a result this will improve cycling uptake decisions, encourage local councils to improve and re-evaluate cycle infrastructure and planning on a regular basis, reduce road traffic congestion so essential journeys are made with minimum disruption and improve the health and look of our streets in general so pavement users can enjoy their walk.

To create jobs in the cycling industry for mobiles bicycle mechanics with the back-up of technicians, warehousing, admin staff and management.

To create jobs for the engineering industry by becoming an eBiketricity manufacture and service engineers with the back-up of technicians, warehousing, admin staff and management.

To demonstrate that anyone can become a professional bicycle mechanic or engineer and earn a good living from it by visiting schools, Universities and general road shows and exhibitions.

To become the number one choice for rapid response call outs to support various industries including last mile deliveries, key worker, blue light services and VIPs.

To champion cycling for leisure, to school, college, in and around Universities and to work as much as we possibly can by supporting cycling charities and raising cycle safety awareness such as SUSTRANS & We Are Cycling The British Heart Foundation


All up to date financials are available from Companies House.

Investment opportunities

CYCLEDELIK is owned and managed by Rachid Bouasria an undergraduate in electronics and pure mathematics, a metallurgical Engineer and CIMA Management Accountant (Full bio in LinkedIn). Rachid is driven by his love for play, well-being, social harmony, learning, exploring, cycling, innovation and lifestyle improvements. Rachid has also a keen interest in Biotech, R&D and Fintech.

Investors are encouraged and welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a meeting either online or face to face in a covid safe environment.

Growth and market share

New market penetration since 2007 has been a real success especially when the CYCLEDELIK way was pioneering. Fortunately for cycling in general, there are now a few companies out there who are genuinely working towards improving the image of cycle mechanics, making cycle service and repair as simple as they can in their own way for the benefit of society in general and cycling specifically. Some of those companies we work with and nurture; others we collaborate with and support and we wish them the best of luck. See Mobile Bicycle Mechanics for all current and future availability locally and nationally.

Although revealing the business strategy is always a close guarded secret with most businesses, Rachid takes a real pride in being transparent and he is happy to share it with everyone.

After the market penetration between 2007 and 2015 the aim was to grow a customer base upon which solid foundations may be set for the business to expand.

For 5 years and with various trials and tribulations a great franchise model has been drafted tested and launched in 2020. Although Covid has affected the big launch via the International Franchise Exhibition, Rachid is hoping that 2022-25 are good years to rely on in terms of decent footfall numbers and publicity at the franchise shows.

While the Franchise path in being carved (Currently ready for applicants. See franchise tab for further details) warehousing and retail opportunities are now being considered for implementation to support a seamless operation.

The warehousing side will deal with local and national retail outlets as well as franchise stock supply. Whereas the retails side will deal with bicycle, cargobike and eBike sales, hire, demonstration group rides and cycle confidence training.

A training academy will support the franchise, retail, warehousing, and manufacturing operations side of the business by offering a unique program specifically tailored to Mobile Bicycle Mechanics and technically challenging tasks.

The manufacturing side will deal with R&D, building, supplying, and maintaining eBiketricity modules (visit for further details) to support the ever-growing number of eBikes on our streets.

At CYCLEDELIK we are really excited about this project as our aim is to replace 1 car on each street with 1 eBiketricity module; encourage and support 1 household per street to take up cycling!

Sustainability agenda

We offset our carbon footprint by keeping as many bicycles on the road as possible and improving cycle downtime due to long waiting time, lack of skilled labour or local shops.

We specialise in repairs and therefore fix rather than throw away most of the time. For example, we fix cut tyres, damaged mudguards, broken electrical powerpack wires, bent wheels, most of accidental damage, old batteries, and weld broken frames**

**Welding specific to carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium marine grade 6061-T6. Welding methods are: Stick, Mig or Tig depending on application requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you find the content informative and useful but please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us on +443331230500 if you have further queries or wish to speak with our CEO Rachid Bouasria.