How to book a mobile bicycle mechanic visit online

We recommend booking a service every 12 months or 3000 miles as well as frequent and regular wash, dry and oil. We are terribly busy and therefore advise that customers book their visits in advance. Customers may prioritise a call out to be seen early but this costs more.

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Know what type of bicycle you have:

  1. With rim brakes
  2. With Disc (Including coaster, drum or kick-back) brakes
  3. Electric
  4. Cargo

Know your bicycle mileage:

  1. Low 250-500 miles
  2. Moderate 500-2500 miles
  3. High 2500 miles and more

Choose your bicycle service:

For low mileage & rim Brakes -> Basic Service

For moderate mileage & rim Brakes -> Express Service

For low, moderate and high mileage & disc brakes -> General Service

For low, moderate and high mileage & disc brakes -> Overhaul

For high end bicycles rim or disc brakes Overhaul is recommended.

Here is a quick reference guide:


Optional Extras:



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