CYCLEDELIK's ethics are to:

  1. Treat all its customers with respect, fairly and equally,
  2. Be honest, clear, and transparent in all its dealings with customers, suppliers, and tax authorities,
  3. Cooperate, collaborate, and support local community and charity projects,
  4. Encourage a healthy, positive, and safe working environment,
  5. Treat staff with respect and to be fair across the board as well as reward hard work,
  6. Build and encourage a sustainable business and mindset,
  7. Work towards a green, organised and eco-friendly future,
  8. Support the cycle industry by working together for the greater good,
  9. Support the last mile logistics and infrastructure to make our cities and towns healthier and more resilient to disruptions, 
  10. To make sure our vital services are accessible to all throughout generations to come in support of our Great British PLC.