CYCLEDELIK Frequently asked questions

Here you will find most asked questions in relation to our services, locations covered, how to book etc...

You can always call us on 03331230500 should you wish to speak to someone or email us via our contact page. Best time to get hold of us if you are calling is in the morning.

Can I bring my bicycle to you? 

No. We are mobile mechanics and therefore come to you. The exceptions are, if we are carrying out a road safety check be it with the local council, the police, or announcements through our social media then yes. You may bring your bicycle for a check-up at the address we are advertising on the day.

Do you have a shop?

Yes. It is an online shop with click and collect or delivery options.

Do you have an address?

Yes. See our contact page. Our warehouse and show room (By appointment only) are in Acton, West London. Our regional office is in Watford.

Do you sell bikes?

Yes. We are authorised dealers for the following brands:

  • Butchers & Bicycles
  • KTM
  • Bike43
  • Frog Bikes
  • Riese & Muller Birdy

Please use our contact page to arrange a test ride appointment.

Do you cover all of the UK? 

Yes mostly. Our presence is stronger in the Southeast of England particularly in Greater London. We are slowly but surely expanding our franchise network. Interested in joining us? Please read more about CYCLEDELIK's franchise offer.

Are you able to fit more than 1 bicycle per visit?

Yes. When booking online, please change the default option for additional services or repairs from 0 to the number of bicycles you wish for us to look at. All additional bicycles are automatically discounted.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. When customers join as members, discounts are applied automatically to their bookings and range from 20% to a whopping 50% with free flat tyre repairs* Parts are excluded.

How can I book?

The best and easiest way to book is online through our website by clicking on any yellow BOOK-NOW button. This will take you to a secure online booking portal from where you can choose one of five options:

  • Speciality: A range of professional tasks where we specialize in available to book if your bicycle, cargobike or ebike is high end of complex.
  • Service: Services range from free first service on selected brands to overhaul suitable for all makes and models and cover toddlers bicycles to racing cycles as well as cargobikes and ebikes.
  • Repair: A selection of the most common repairs on cycles and eBikes.
  • Test ride: The best and quickest way to book a test ride and a demo on our popular and most sought-after bikes. Free in Acton West London or at a small call out fee if this is at a location of your choice.
  • None of the above

Click here for Link to quick booking demo on VIMEO (Old version but the principle remains the same) or, copy and paste the following address:

Are you insured and are your cycle mechanics qualified?

Yes. We have indemnity insurance as well as £5M public liability insurance. All our mechanics are qualified to a minimum of CYTECH Level1 or equivalent NVQ Level and trained in-house to our own stringent standards.

Are there any brands you do not work on?

Yes. As of the end of April 2023 we are no longer able to provide service or warranty support for the following brands:

  • Babboe with electrical issues.
  • Raleigh Cargo bike with electrical issues.
  • Gazelle spare parts unique to the bicycle eg: Chainguards, integrated lights, kick stand etc... (Service & general repairs are fine).
  • Mate with electrical & mechanical issues.
  • Bullitt (Larry vs Harry) with stand issues.
  • Vanmoof with electrical, gears, brakes or bottom bracket issues.
  • Amcargobikes with electrical issues.
  • GoCycle with braking or electrical issues.
  • Brompton with electrical or mechanical issues.
  • Any ebike with Bafang (Or non-branded electrics) system where the issue is electric unless the customer or the seller has replacement parts.
  • Any conversion to electric where the electric system is non branded unless the customer or the seller has replacement parts.

If you are the brand owner/manager and you wish to discuss this further, please get in touch via our contact page or ask to speak to Rachid on 03331230500.

Do you realy start at 6am?

Yes. We run a 24/7 business and work nights as well as days servicing our customers bicycles as well supporting small last mile delivery businesses and shift workers.

Your diary is booked up and I need your services now. Can you help?

Yes. As you proceed with the online booking, please lookout for 'Prioratise my booking' option and select according to your budget and requirements.

Are you able to come to our building and service all the riders bikes?

Yes. Please use our contact page and email us the following:

  • Your accounts payable contact details as well as yours or, the organiser?
  • The number of bicycles to be serviced and types of services so we can invoice in advance?
  • Location's full address?
  • Height restrictions if any?
  • Frequency of visits? Eg: Monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or yearly.

How much do you charge for a service or repair?

Please refer to 'How can I book' option above. The total cost of the visit excluding parts will be displayed at checkout.

I need a quote please?

Please refer to 'How can I book' option above. The total cost of the visit excluding parts will be displayed at checkout.

When is you next available appointment?

Please refer to 'How can I book' option above. If the live diary is booked up as most of our customers book in advance now, you may wish to go back a page and prioritise the visit to be seen earlier depending on your budget and the priority level you chose.

How much do you charge for parts?

Please visit our online store for all parts and accessories prices. All our parts, accessories and bicycles are sold at RRP. Customers may also supply their own parts. Note: If customers  supply their own cycle parts, we are unable to support with warranty issues. This will have to be carried out by the costumers and subsequent visits are chargeable.

Are you able to convert my bicycle to an eBike?

Yes. We are an authorised dealer of PENDIX and are able to supply, fit and commission the complete road legal system.

It is winter time or, night time and dark or, wet outside. Do you need space to work in my garage?

No thank you. We have a state of the art large mobile units, kitted with welfare facilities, flood and bench lights, testing and diagnostics equipment as well as soldering and welding benches, air compressor, jet wash and all the cycle tools needed to carry out the job on the spot, professionally and safely. The unit is also well insulated and includes auxiliary heating to keep our mechanics warm (Or cool) so they can work in optimal comfort day or night, rain or shine, in deep Winter or high Summer. In extreme weather only, high heat or heavy snow, we tend to move our bookings for the safety of our staff and assets.

I am an online retailer, are you able to support my customers in your area?

Yes. We do not discriminate against brands or modes of transport. Mobility to us is a serious matter. If the brands you are selling are BOSCH, STEPS, BROSE, YAMAHA or Specialised then from the first free service to warranty support it is all there and accessible via our booking page. Most other popular brands, we do request a confirmation of peripherals, BMS, controllers and motors minimum stock holding confirmation from the business owner (ie: As a supplier, it is vital that you have spares and, or access to them quickly so riders experience minimal inconvenience and riding disruption).

 You may book it on behalf of your customers using your business name or, we recommend that the customers book online for themselves. For warranty support, please call 03331230500 or email us via our contact page. Note: Please see 'Brands we do not cover' above.

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