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The result of over eighty years of experience and innovation, the Courier is a refined and reliable carrier cycle for all your delivery needs. It combines the very best of modern design and components including all-weather hub brakes and puncture resistant tyres to give consistent service no matter what the conditions. The optional front carrier can handle loads up to 20 kilos in a sturdy plastic tray, and mounting points allow for the addition of a rear rack as well as a Eurobox trailer. Add to this Pashley’s unbeatable hand-built quality and you have a transport solution that can stand up to even the most rigorous of demands, in both commercial and industrial environments.

Indeed, our team of committed designers has tailored every minute detail of the Courier to meet the needs of today’s busy commercial climate. The internal 3 speed gears are simple to operate and require almost no maintenance, and the hub brakes come equipped with heavy duty automotive grade cables for true longevity. The full-length mudguards not only keep your personnel and goods clean but are made from a special pre-coat aluminium, one that is fully corrosion-resistant and meets our highly exacting standards of quality. We have even included a crossbar-mounted frameplate, a nod to our more traditional designs, that allows for custom branding and for your cycle to become a unique mobile advertising platform.

The Courier is therefore the ideal transport solution for your business, offering an environmentally sound and reliable service backed by Pashley’s 85 year British manufacturing heritage.

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